“The French LFP needed to be in the business of new customer acquisition first”

« How can we talk about the Ligue 1 fan experience without first addressing demand. Because there are a lot of empty seats in the stadiums. Although we covered the fan experience in our presentation, G2 emphasized that the LFP needed to be in the business of new customer acquisition first. The LFP responded very...
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“I like that Javier Tebas challenged the sports governance system in Europe”

« The potential LaLiga game in the USA stirred up a huge controversy in Europe. I am sure Javier Tebas expected this reaction. I like that he challenged the system. He made a statement of intent by questioning the status quo of sports governance in Europe. He didn’t win the first round, but it’s a...
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“Ironically US sports leagues are socialist, while European sports is a wild west”

Ironically, the U.S. sports leagues are run on a relatively socialist distribution model, while in Europe the sports business is a complete free- market wild, wild west, where in the end something like 90 % of the revenue goes to probably less than 10 % of the clubs in Europe. As a result, in Europe,...
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Digital does not replace sales people on the ground!

A sports and jazz lover, Marshall Glickman has been playin’ ball in sports business for almost 35 years. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he began his career in jazz program syndication for radio in Los Angeles, then in door-to-door selling of the then embryonic cable television business. Hired by the Portland Trailblazers in 1983, he took...
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Euroleague Basketball creates Chief Business Officers Board

Another step forward towards the achievement of the established 2017-22 Strategic Plan was taken by the ECA Shareholders at the latest meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel, with the creation of the Chief Business Officers Board (CBO Board). The new governing body will take the lead in the definition of current and future collective business strategy and of the...
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