85+ Sports Business Professionals Discuss Biggest Emerging Trends, Hot Topics For 2015

December 18, 2014 | Forbes

Mark J Burns

What are the trends and hot-button topics to follow in the sports business industry in 2015? How will the different niches within sport — digital, technology, agency, traditional media, sponsorship, athletics and others — change heading into the new calendar year?

Those were the two questions I posed to a number of sports business professionals over the past few months. All were asked to give a handful of sentences with their thoughts on just one of the questions or both. Without their contributions, this piece is certainly not possible.

Regardless if you’re an undergraduate student, freshly-minted professional or a 20-year seasoned veteran, hopefully you’ll come away with a better knowledge base for the future about how you can best serve your clients, fans and business over the next 365 days.

— Marshall Glickman, Chief Executive Officer, G2 Strategic, LLC

“With Levi’s Stadium open, and new Bay Area arenas in Sacramento and San Francisco coming on-line, we will see incredible demonstrations of the next wave of smart venues. One example will be cashless commerce, which will ultimately lead to meaningful increases in customer spend at live sporting events. And I hope that drones can help sort out the hassle of the typical ingress/egress mess that most venues and their customers still have to deal with (which, in my view, is the single biggest hurdle to growing live gate attendance, when it is so much easier to stay home and watch on my ultra HD big screen).”