LaLiga renews with the former president of the Portland Trail Blazers for the redesign of the stadiums

The consulting firm G2 Strategic will advise the clubs of the Spanish soccer competition in the development of “new experiences for those attending stadiums and broader strategies for client participation.”

LaLiga and G2 Strategic renew their alliance in full redefinition of the stadium experience due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the fifth consecutive year, the American consultancy has sealed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish soccer management entity , continuing a collaboration that began at the end of 2016.

As explained by G2 Strategic through a statement, the consulting firm “will continue to provide advice to the working groups of clubs created by LaLiga to help discuss and develop new experiences for stadium attendees and broader strategies for customer participation” . The current working group, called the Customer Experience Committee (CEC), has focused on issues such as  business intelligence , digital ticketing and service innovation .

“While this is a difficult time for our industry, there is also an opportunity to accelerate our adaptation to certain global trends such as contactless payment, digital ticket issuance, and new ticket products, such as Netflix-like monthly subscriptions that they provide. an alternative to traditional tickets, ”says Marshall Glickman, CEO of G2 and former president of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers.

LaLiga started the collaboration with G2 Strategic at the end of 2016

Under the new agreement, G2 will help LaLiga form consortia with clubs designed to leverage business assets and operational efficiencies in areas such as ticketing, research and restaurant services. “Together with clubs, we are emphasizing initiatives designed to increase demand for content and engagement among the millennial and Z demographics ,” Glickman says.

G2’s collaboration with LaLiga will continue to be managed by Joaquín Blázquez, currently Imap’s chief operating officer and assists G2 in various areas, including facilitating cultural context, research, and additional interactions with LaLiga and the clubs.

G2 Strategic is a boutique sports, entertainment and facility development consultancy located in Portland, Oregon, in the United States. In addition to LaLiga, the firm performs consulting work for EuroLeague Basketball. Glickman is the former president of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers , where he scheduled the development of the Rose Garden pavilion.