La Liga extends and expands G2 Strategic deal

January 19, 2018  |  Sports Pro

Consultancy to continue ticketing partnership with Spanish soccer league.

La Liga, the governing body for the top two divisions of Spanish club soccer, has extended and expanded its partnership with G2 Strategic.

The sports consultancy, which helps the Spanish soccer league and its clubs maximise attendance revenue from matches, will step up its work with La Liga by participating in a committee of club executives who will evaluate various innovations and new strategies on ticketing policies.

The new programme will follow demographic trends and aim to improve matchday experience for a wider audience, including women, families, millennials and businesses.

Additionally, G2 is to conduct workshops and sales training for all La Liga teams. These will focus on business planning and related topics.

The company will work closely with six clubs to demonstrate how its principles and strategies can be used to grow ticket demand and increase customer retention.

G2 first partnered with La Liga in 2016 when it launched a new ticketing programme as part of the organising body’s goal of improving match attendance, where average audience size and percentage of stadiums filled lagged behind England’s Premier League and Germany’s Bundesliga.

The US-based firm has previously worked with France’s Ligue 1, as well as basketball’s Euroleague, on similar programmes.

Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, said: “We appreciate the fresh perspective that G2 has brought to the table. We have worked with Glickman [the chief executive of G2] to design the second year of our work together with the objective of demonstrating to our clubs that the market can be significantly greater than only ‘natural demand’ from traditional football fans.”

Glickman added: “I welcome the opportunity to act as an agent of change on behalf of La Liga, which is clearly one of the great football competitions in the world.  During our first year, we were able to establish the key principles, which we documented in a comprehensive document titled La Liga Ticketing Strategy.

“We also had the opportunity to spend time in several club markets, and meet with executives at all levels, gaining a better understanding of the challenges they are facing.  Over the 15 years we have been active in Europe, we have learned that our principles must be adapted to the specificity of each market.  We appreciate the challenge and thank president Tebas for his confidence.”


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