www.g2strategic.net Goes Live

Boston, Mass.—March 7, 2005G2 Strategic announced today that its website, www. g2strategic.net, has gone live. G2 provides global sports business solutions, addressing a broad range of issues and opportunities faced by the sports and entertainment industries. G2 stands for “Glickman Global,” as an acronym of its founder and CEO, Marshall Glickman and the firm’s focus on an international client base.

“I have found that the web is the best way to communicate what G2 can offer its clients,” said G2 Strategic CEO Marshall Glickman. “Our designer, Sockeye Creative, did a fantastic job blending information about our company with great photos and other multimedia elements. In fact, we even have a 12-minute clip from Crossover: A Global Basketball Odyssey, a documentary that appeared last summer on Showtime. The movie is superb and this clip provides an insightful view of the European basketball experience. For my prospective clients, it is a chance to learn about me in a different context than a typical business meeting.”

G2’s clients include Euroleague Basketball, the top-level of European professional basketball, as well as CSKA Moscow Basketball Club and Tennis Canada.

“I have been fortunate to have deep experience in both the U.S. and Europe,” said Glickman. “From country to country, there are very different mentalities at work in Europe, which requires that I carefully apply my American perspective with sensitivity and understanding of the situation in each country and, for that matter, in each market.

“The idea of having a website is that I have a growing international client base, so I need a way for people to get to know me and my company.”


Brian Berger

Marshall Glickman
G2 Strategic, LLC
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